The Heart of Home Staging

The Heart of Home Staging

To sell your home faster, you have to ensure a potential buyer will fall in love with it!

In the current market, over 95% of buyers shop for homes online – some may have already made a decision before even seeing a home in person!

At Home Decor Staging and Design we understand how vital it is to maximize the value and marketability of a property so it stands out, not only in person but also online!

Our recent home staging project was a west-end condo with a beautiful balcony that overlooked a pool and tennis court. We were originally tasked with decorating ideas but it became quickly apparent that the home sellers wanted to give home staging a try. Take a look at the final product which resulted in the condo being sold way over asking in a short amount of time (pretty good for no renovations!).

When staging homes, we go beyond providing re-decorating tips. In fact, our recommendations are all real-estate based and focused on making sure our clients successfully merchandise and sell their homes. By enlisting our professional services, you ensure that your home will stand out from the crowd and be remembered hours and even days later. 

We’d love to work with you, contact us for a decor or home staging consultation (yes, we do virtual consults too!).