The Best 15 Home Staging Tips

The Best 15 Home Staging Tips


Here are the best 15 home staging tips you will ever receive!

1. Depersonalize. A potential homebuyer needs to picture themselves in your rooms. Remove all family photos and, if necessary, paint coloured walls a more neutral shade.

2. Make sure everything in the house is working and repaired. No torn screens, cracked plaster or burnt out lights. Tour your house with a critical eye and repair anything that needs it.

3. Chandeliers. One low-cost, high-return investment is chandeliers. People think you have to spend a fortune on lighting, but you can go to any big box store and get beautiful ones for a few hundred dollars. Many houses don’t have enough lighting so have more overhead fixtures installed. Or have multiple lamps.

4. Scale of furnishings. You might have a giant sofa that you love, but if it makes the room look small, it has to go. Aim for smaller groupings of furniture.

5. A clean kitchen. Kitchen counters should be clear and clutter-free. A single bowl or vase holding cooking utensils is okay, but that’s all. Store small appliances in cupboards.

6. Kitchen tile. If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, this is a job that a reasonably handy person can tackle for little money. Invest in some gorgeous tiles. Consider glass mosaics or mirror tile, or plain tile interspersed with a few fancy ones.

7. Replace boring or worn cabinet pulls with high-design new ones.

8. Fresh linens. Make sure all linens (tea towels, chair cushions, etc.) are brand new or at least look brand new.

9. Cleaning. Hire a professional cleaning company to clean the whole house – top to bottom.

10. Fix up the bathroom. In the bathroom, a plain builder’s mirror can be replaced with a pretty framed mirror for under $100. Switch out the lighting for a nice chandelier and consider painting or changing the vanity if it is dated.

11. Decor in the bathrooms. You can get matched ensembles that include toilet tissue holder, wastebasket, trays, shower curtain etc. Aim for the hotel chic look: Crisp white towels neatly stacked, small trays on the vanity holding attractive toiletries or soaps (wrapped or unused) and scented candles.

12. Keep clutter to a minimum.

13. The master bedroom. Continue the luxury hotel look in the master bedroom: Multiple new pillows with shams or toss pillows in front, crisp white linens and a throw at the end of the bed. Keep end tables uncluttered, with matching lamps and nothing else except, perhaps, a tiny vase of flowers.

14. Curb appeal. This means neatly trimmed bushes, mulched flowerbeds and fresh seasonal arrangements in urns by the front door. Paint the front door, if needed.
Remove the recycling and garbage bins from the view.

15. A great smell makes a house memorable. Buy a room spray with a fragrance you love and spray the house sparingly before each showing.

Home staging can be easy and inexpensive, especially if you focus on the small details.
Just stand back and let your house shine and it is sure to impress potential homebuyers!

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