Arranging furniture in a Basement

Arranging furniture in a Basement

Your finished basement can become the cosiest area in the house because you set it up properly it can be warm and inviting so here are some tips of how to set up the perfect basement. It can become the perfect place for movie night with the family or a gathering of friends for game night. There lots of ways to achieve a beautiful and functional basement area. Setting up the perfect basement can be easy. Just follow these tips!

First off, use the biggest sofa or sectional you can fit. This is for any living space but especially a basement as it maximizes the space. Here is a staging we did in East York of a beautiful finished basement. Take note of the very large sectional and the addition comfortable chair. There are loads of places to sits and room to stretch out. 

staging The perfect basement

A staged basement that we did in East York

Here’s some tips on making it work. Use very large area rugs, oversized artwork and a large coffee table. Loads of pattern, in our case on the rug and don’t forget to bring in some Mother Nature with greenery. A quick tip on greenery, if you use top quality artificial trees and plants they will always look fabulous. And then lastly, a hit of colour. In our example, a touch of gold. 

Staging the perfect basement

Setting up the perfect basement

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