Should You Stage Your Vacant Home?

Should You Stage Your Vacant Home?

Do you have a vacant or recently renovated empty home? Before you list, you need a professional stager to bring life and style to each room! It can be very difficult for a home buyer to envision themselves living in the space when they are looking at empty rooms.

Empty houses can feel cold and leave a potential buyer uninspired. Professional staging will highlight the features of the house by working with the design, adding texture, and colours that will allow the buyer to envision themselves living in that home.

Leaving the rooms empty does not provide the buyer any frame reference of the size of the rooms and what type of furniture they can fit into the space. Vacant properties are usually a tough sell because the buyer cannot get emotionally attached to an empty house.

At Home Decor Staging we’ve got an inventory of variety of furniture that will spark the buyer’s imagination but not leave them overwhelmed with a cluttered home. Don’t let your home sit on the market for longer than it should, invest in a professional stager who will turn your empty house into a buyer’s dream home!

Our latest Toronto home staging project at a new build home: