Seasonal Curb Appeal

Seasonal Curb Appeal

During the winter some home sellers may be tempted to pass on maintaining an eye-catching curb appeal of their home. Even though the weather quickly turns cold and dark, it’s important to maintain the curb appeal of your home!

It’s quite simple to create an eye-catchy exterior, and here are 5 tips in making the front of your home welcoming.

1. Keep the walkway and driveway clear of snow and ice. It keeps potential buyers safe and makes a statement about the maintenance of the home. Once done put the shovel away. It’s not part of the decor!

2. Because our daylight hours are shorter there is a greater chance that your home will be seen during the darker hours. Outdoor lighting makes it safer to walk and creates a warm and cozy ambiance so consider lighting up the outside. 

3. Because the trees are not creating a camouflage for the home, outside maintenance becomes critical. Make sure to clean up leaves, dead branches and pruning is done. Bins are put away and any peril if paint is addressed. The numbers on the home and the mailbox is a quick and inexpensive update during the winter months.

4. Adding a pop of colour can really transform the curb appeal oh your home. A beautiful colour on the door is an inexpensive transformation to add interest to your home’s exterior. If you still have outdoor furniture out, consider adding colourful outdoor cushions and decor items on the ground add interest as well.

5. Lastly, there are a number of ways to add winter planters and greenery to add a natural touch to the front of your home. If you are like me and at a loss on this one, just go to your local garden centre or home hardware store and purchase planters that are already done up. This will add some interest to your home’s exterior, and they last all winter!

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