Neutrals That Will Sell Your Home

Neutrals That Will Sell Your Home

Most home owners are advised to slap on a fresh coat of paint before listing their home on the market but the importance of colour choice should not be overlooked.

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to refresh the look of your home – but the wrong colour choice can cause prospective buyers to turn up their nose and you may regret the colour choice later.

Painting your walls a neutral colour is a no brainer, right? With so many options out there, most people turn to a plain white or beige hue for their rooms which can leave the buyer really uninspired and have them turn away from the sale.  

Neutral colours are always a winning choice inside the home with new home buyers because they don’t need to repaint when they move in and there are some great neutral soft colours that can inspire your buyers.

Off-white or Eggshell

Painting walls with off-white in a great option for rooms with a lot of natural light. This can make the room look even brighter and even bigger. This colour works especially well if there’s a focal wall or a room that’s heavily accessorized.

white-living-roomgrey living room


Grey is a chic cousin of a white that has become a popular neutral choice for home owners. 

Warm and neutral grey colours work well in living rooms, giving the space an open, airy feeling. Its versatility is popular with prospective home buyers because it can be used in a formal or casual setting.

grey living space

Blue hues

Blue is great colour for kitchens and bedrooms. Blue is thought to be a calming colour which is why buyers are attracted to these cool shades.

Bathrooms and powder rooms are a hit for a light blue paint – periwinkle and powder blue are best choice for bathrooms. 

blue kitchen

Painting rooms in a neutral colour with a blue or grey hue attracts future buyers to a home, especially in listings photos and videos. Compliment your freshly painted walls with professional home staging to give the buyers an inspired space for a quicker sale.