My Reno – Part 3

My Reno – Part 3

With my home renovations in full swing, I am busy preparing the decor details for my newly renovated main floor. Here’s a little bit about my design and everything I’m learning so far.

My Style…

My personal style is casual but chic with lots of warm and comfortable touches that make each room feel homey and inviting. I add simple details, textured elements, fabrics and accessories but avoid perfect symmetry. When I decorate, I focus on catering to my relaxed lifestyle, creating a space I can enjoy when I come home from a long day.

Colour Story…

For me, choosing colours is one of the most exciting parts of decorating! A great place to start is to find one accent colour which will act as a guide for the rest of the house. For my living room, I chose a royal blue sectional which will dictate the colours for the rest of the main floor. For my kitchen, I went with neutral colours for the cabinets and backsplash which makes it way to add colour later without a commitment.

A great idea for accessories is to find a local artist and use their artwork to accessorize and add colour to the home.


Function, function, function….

When I start thinking about design in my own home and my clients homes, I always start by ensuring the design functions according to everyday needs. Function is the one most important thing to consider when starting to think about redesigning a house or a single room. For instance, when I walk into my home, I need a place to hang up my coat, so I’ve created an entry way with coat hooks and shoe rack. 

When I design the living and dining room, the placement of light fixtures is especially important to think about since they’re a more permanent detail in the design. 

On Budget…

One of the  most important things to think about before starting any decorating project, is your budget. Tracking costs and building a relationship with your contractor will go a long way when managing the costs of renovating. An experienced contractor can recommend ways to save costs, for instance repurposing old flooring. 

Knowing what your must have’s are and what your nice have’s are is important in case of budget constraints. 

Professional job…

Trusting the people working on your home is very important to the success of the renovation. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing professionals, including my contractor and a professional kitchen designer. My contractor has been amazing with having my best interests at heart and keeping me in the loop with the progress. My kitchen designer suggested kitchen design features that flow that I would have never thought about! Not only have I learned a tremendous amount about design, but I was amazed at how many different design considerations go into designing a kitchen!

My dream kitchen design

My dream kitchen design

My dream kitchen design

My dream kitchen design

I feel very lucky to have the support that I have during this renovation and I cannot wait to share the final product with you! I truly believe home is the place we spend the most time in which is why it’s so important to love where you live! 

I love transforming my clients’ homes into their dream home that functions beautifully. Ready for a change? Click here to schedule a design consultation!