Living Room Layouts

Living Room Layouts

A living room layout can be a challenge when considering furniture arrangement. With windows, doors, a fireplace and TV placement it can be difficult to know where to place everything. In the living room layouts below, we have created the room having a wall of doors, a fireplace, a bank of windows and an door to enter the room. All of the layouts consider TV watching, traffic flow and tasks that you may require. Although your room is likely a much different layout and presents it’s own set of challenges, hopefully these layouts give you ideas on what to do with your space. So let’s begin!

First off, the formal living room. Two facing couches with the TV above the fireplace. Large area rug and excellent traffic flow.

The next layout is a bit less formal by replacing one of the couches with two chairs. The TV is moved to the right for viewing from the couch and a small desk and chair have been added. 

Next we swing the couch around to face the TV. This allows for a much larger sofa. Chairs can be moved around and a poof can act as a coffee table or seating.

Living room layout

Now for super comfy. All the seating is this layout is the best seat!

Sectional living room

Next up super chic living room layout. We replace the chair with a chaise and add a bar cart. Bar carts are super stylish as is a chaise for lounging.

Chaise and bar cart

Work from Home. This one is perfect for the entrepreneurs. We work and live in this type of space. 

Work from home

Here is a living room layout for conversation and games. This isn’t really a room for TV watching.. it’s more for engaging activities.

Conversation living room

The perfect room for those with small children.. one side for adult lounging on a full on seated sectional the other side for playing.

Sectional and play living room

For those that need a room for eating as well as living. The area rug helps to divide the two rooms with the couch looking out to the outdoor area.

Eat and live living room

And then lastly we have another eating and living room but somewhat more casual by using a sectional.

Casual eating and live

We hope that helps and inspires you to rearrange a room that you feel is just not working. Should you not be able to get it right we offer consultations to help you. Call to book a consult. 

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