Legendary Rd Makeover

Legendary Rd Makeover

As a home staging company we often get hired to stage houses and condos that are currently being lived in as opposed to vacant homes. In the industry we refer to these as an Occupied Staging Project.

Staging an occupied home is much more challenging than starting with a clean slate. The first thing we do is have a consultation with the homeowner.

We walk through the home with the homeowner and do a thorough review of each room. We do a in-depth assessment on the walls, the paint colour, the flooring, the lighting, the furniture, even the closet space. We then discuss the options of what there is to do and prioritize the list.

And then we take the discussion outside and talk about the backyard and curb appeal. It’s important to have a good first impression for the potential home buyer.

We also offer trades to come in if work is required for painting and repairs. If we are painting we give a specific colour that suits the home. This is all in an effort to make the sale if the home much less stressful.

Having decided together what should stay and what should go, we now know what we are required to bring for staging. It could be a few chairs, some drapes and artwork or it could be a whole complete living room! We may convert a home office to a bedroom, a messy master to a fabulous retreat. Whatever is necessary to convert the home to a place that could easily be feature in a magazine.

Professional home staging can help sell your home faster by allowing the potential buyers envision their life in the new home. Connect with us for a consultation or sign up for our Home Staging and Decor Newsletter below!