How to update a kitchen before selling your home

How to update a kitchen before selling your home

You’ve probably heard many realtors say that kitchens and baths sell the house. While kitchens can increase the overall value of your home, undertaking a complete overhaul of your kitchen will not give you a large return. Before deciding on doing any updates, shop around in your area to compare what the other houses are offering in your area and speak to your realtor to get advice.

There are a few ways that minor renovations and updates can help you get a higher value for your home. Here are some ideas for minor updates that will increase the overall appeal of your home for perspective buyers.

Consider the Appliances

Swap out your outdated appliances to stainless steel appliances. The old appliances can make the kitchen look dated and make it difficult for the buyer to visualize the space with stainless steel. If the buyer is looking for a turn-key sale, they will most likely pass on a home where they need to shop for appliances later.

Kitchen appliences


Give the kitchen a facelift

Paint your space a light neutral colour and replace outdated backsplash. By brightening up your space with neutral paint tones, you will make the space appear bigger even if you have a small kitchen. The same goes for your backslash, if you’ve got brown cabinets with brown backsplash, simply updating it to a light more modern tile would instantly brighten up your entire kitchen.

White kitchen

Don’t forget the details

Sometimes simple changes can make a big difference in the space. Consider updating the hardware on your kitchen cabinets can instantly refresh your kitchen. Keep the buyer’s taste in mind and opt for something classic and timeless which will still look good 10 years from now. Add a ‘wow’ effect by adding lighting under the cabinets or updating old light fixtures.

kitchen lights

Staging tip:

Remember to remove any notes or magnets from your fridge when showing the home. Also, make sure the countertops are free of clutter, put away as much as you can in your cupboards and buy a green fresh plant to liven up the space. Contact us for a consultation on how to best market your home.