How to start decorating your new home

How to start decorating your new home

Moving to your own home is not only exciting but can feel liberating. Once you’ve settled down and start enjoying being a home owner, it is the time to start the decorating process! Before you even start thinking about what your decor style is, declutter your place. Have a garage sale, donate things you haven’t touched in the last six months, get rid of the old wobbly furniture and questionable gifts you’ve received over the years.
Choose a colour.
Once you’ve decluttered, it’s time to start with the decor! To begin, pick a paint colour palette that will compliment the space and your style. Choose a neutral tone for your walls that you may want to incorporate all the way throughout the interior, even in your bathroom. Having a similar shade of colour will help with the flow throughout the home and unify the space through the paint colour that you choose. Add an accent wall to add personality and colour to the space.
Benjamin Moore Colour Trends of 2017

Benjamin Moore Colour Trends of 2017

Buy a Bed.

The bedroom is the perfect room to start decorating since you’ll be spending a third of your time at home there. If you’re ready to splurge, buy that dream bed – just make sure it fits the room and your personality. If you’re on a budget, start with buying some new bedding, window coverings or a small rug to cozy up the room but don’t have the urge to match everything! Add texture and unexpected pops of colour to your decor to keep it fun!

West Elm Cozy Bed

Our fave from West Elm Toronto

Invest in a sofa.
Your sofa should be a good investment that is functional in your space and fits your lifestyle needs. A good solution for a long term sofa purchase is to buy one that’s in a neutral tone that will go with any room or decor if you choose to re-decorate in the future. If you have a big family or guests that visit regularly, it may be worth investing in a sofa bed which can help with those unexpected visitors or provide a comfy oasis while watching your favourite movie.
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Add textiles.
Once you’ve decided on the big pieces, it’s time to add textiles and texture to your space with cushions, throws and rugs. A rug has to be the correct size since it lays down the foundation of the room – follow this rule of thumb – the rug should be just touching the all furniture. Cozy up your furniture with throw pillows on your couch or your bed with mismatched pillows, add a little sparkle for fun!
Textiles for home
Add accessories.
One of the most inexpensive ways to add some art to your space is to frame prints or post cards that you’ve collected from travelling. Adding a statement piece of art on top of the sofa or the bed is a perfect way to create a focal point without committing to a full day’s of painting walls. There are sources online with instant downloadable prints available that you can easily print from your computer, frame and have a piece of art for your newly decorated space!
Wall Art

Wall art using prints – Etsy shop