Area rug sizing

Area rug sizing

When it comes to purchasing an area rug for your home, most people buy area rugs that are much too small. A small rug will make the room appear unbalanced. Whereas a large area rug will make the room feel much more luxurious. 

Here’s some visuals to help you along:

For the living room  – Ensure the furniture pieces are fully on the area rug or at least have their front paws generously on the rug.

For the bedroom – Notice how most of the bed if not all of it is on the area rug. Nightstands on the rug is optional.

Bedroom rugs

Bedroom area rug sizes

And then there is the dining room – Ensure that not only the table but the chairs as well are on the rug. And when you push your chair back to get up the chair is still fully on the area rug.

Dining room rugs

Dining room rug sizes

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