How To Decorate a Den In Your Condo

How To Decorate a Den In Your Condo

When it comes to living in a condo, being clever about the design of the space is key to make the most of often small spaces. Because most dens don’t have windows or doors, it can appear small and wasteful when empty. 

Here’s a few ideas of how to make the most of the den in your condo:

Turn it into an office – Since most dens don’t have a window, it’s important to include a lot of lighting to bring in as much light as possible. A desk and a cozy chair can make the den functional and personal.


Make it in a bedroom – If the space allows for a bed, the den is a perfect place to set up an extra bedroom. A daybed is an excellent option for a guest bedroom when you need it. Bring in a few plants to liven the space up!


Turn it into a dining room – if the space in your kitchen is limited, make use of your den by turning it into a dining room. A round table will work best in the small space. Add a statement chandelier for extra light and wow factor!


Add closet space – If closet space is limited in the rest of your condo, a den is a perfect place for a walk in closet. Add a barn door is a great option to close off the space and add character to the rest of the space.


Staging and decorating a condo does not necessarily mean adding a lot of details, to make the most out of the space, focus on minimal accessories not to overwhelm the space. Contact us to help stage and decorate your condo!