Home Staging Statistics Shows Staging is Key

Toronto Home Staging & Interior Design Company Home Staging Statistics

Home Staging Statistics

National Association of Realtors on Home Staging Statistics

The Home Staging statistics are in!
After surveying over 2,000 Realtors the impact of staging a home for sale can be realized.
First impressions take the number one slot. They say you have 6 minutes to sell a home. And if withing that six minutes, the home is beatuifully decorated, the potential buyer has an easier time of visualizing themselves and their family in the space. And then the number two slot goes to the online shoppers. In today’s world, a potential buyer has already viewed the home online. They show up to the home because they were impressed with the pictures. Staging makes the difference in the photographs online. And then the third slot goes to how well the staging is done. How attractive the staging is to the buyers. Staging is typically done in a neutral, middle of the road kind of design so as to appeal to most people. Walls are biege or grey, sofas are clean and light coloured. Furniture is strategically placed all in an effort to appeal to most.

Most likely to be impacted by viewing a staged home :

Easier to visualize the property as a future home – 81%
More willing to walk through a home viewed online – 46%
Will positively impact home value of home decorated to buyer tastes – 45%
Overlook other property faults – 28%
Will negatively impact home value if decorated against buyer tastes – 10%
Are more suspect of home features – 5%

Proof that Home Staging does work!
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