Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

I’ve always been avid about hiring professionals to get the job done right. Selling your home is no easy task, and delays in the sale can be very costly. Hiring a realtor that works with home staging professionals can save you time, money and stress.

Not looking at the home from prospective buyer’s eyes and winging the whole process can be detrimental in the sale of your home. 

Here are some mistakes home owners make:

Failing to ‘depersonalize’:  We all love our home and all the details that make it our home but potential buyers don’t want to see endless family photos and keepsakes from vacations. So, clear the magnets off the fridge, put away some of the holiday photos and create a clean slate for the new owners.

Keeping all the clutter:  This is a great time to declutter! Don’t hide all the junk in closets and drawers, in fact, they should be left only 50% full. If you spend the time to declutter, your home stager can spend their time on staging the big picture instead of worrying what’s behind the closet doors.

Overlooking the details – Don’t forget to freshen up the walls, sinks and grout in tubs and tile floors. Change out the dated faucets, toilet or sink if needed. Don’t forget a fresh paint on the walls can work magic and is a cost effective way to update your home without major renovations.

Ignoring the outside of the home – First impressions are everything – and home owners often forget to finesse the outside of their home. Ensure your lawn is maintained and if you have a front porch, work with your home stager to create a cozy entrance to your home.

Selling your home can feel personal and emotional, but it isn’t. Your home is a product for potential customers and it should appeal to a variety of different tastes and personalities. Hiring a professional home stager can help sell your home faster and avoid any costly delays.