Flower Power for Staging Your Home

Flower Power for Staging Your Home

Often when choosing a home, buyers will decide if it’s ‘the one’ before even entering the home, thanks so the wealth of technology that’s available in today’s home-buying world. With the current competitive market, buying and selling a home can sometimes feel like online dating, and your home’s online pictures need to grab attention to ensure love at first sight – and ultimately score a ‘date’ with the potential buyers.

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Lived in, tired images of your home will not make the cut, and you must ensure your home stands out from the crowd. Hiring a professional home stager to take care of the details is your best bet, but there are some small touches you can do yourself.

When prepping your home, you are encouraged to declutter, putting away personal items like picture frames, travel souvenirs – this can make your home feel empty and sterile…and that’s where fresh blooms come in!

Using fresh flowers in your home is one of the ways to go that extra mile to create your show-stopping images and add instant warmth and luxury to any room.


Luckily, spring is in the air, which means beautiful blooms are popping up everywhere! Make a statement with the florals to elevate the room to take your listing photos to the next level – and ensure your home is ‘the One’.

Keep it simple – use seasonal flowers that are often inexpensive when purchased in season. A tall vase filled with tulips can make a bright statement, or a jar with few hydrangeas can add the softness a room might need. Flowers don’t only make your home look good, they can also make your home smell fabulous. By using florals like peonies or roses can infuse your home with some wonderful scents. Who doesn’t love getting flowers on a first date anyway? 

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Regardless the flowers you use, it’s an excellent way to dress up your home and show everything it’s got to offer. So, get some fresh blooms and start snapping those online pictures for your home’s true love. 

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