Do’s And Don’ts Of Staging Your Home

Do’s And Don’ts Of Staging Your Home

Preparing your home for sale is no easy task and even the best efforts to decorate can all go to waste when you’re trying to impress potential buyers. These are the most common Do’s and Don’ts of decorating your home for a quick sell:

DO Choose colours that are neutral and bright – neutral shades appeal to a wider rage of people and give the buyers an opportunity to decorate on their own terms. You want to make sure your wall colours are neutral so that the buyers don’t have to think about how long it will take them to paint over your walls, but instead think of how quickly they can move in!


DO Pack all the personal things away, keep them stored in a safe place and show it off when you get your next home! Create a clean slate where the potential buyers have an opportunity to envision creating their own future memories while living in the home.


DO Update your window treatments, floors and area rugs. Have your carpeting professionally cleaned so it looks new and fresh for potential buyers. It may be worthwhile to refinish your hardwood flooring since it’s ofter a major selling feature. Replace any outdated window treatments – a simple sheer curtain can brighten up the space, or remove curtains completely if you have a great window to show off!


DON’T Pick a bright paint colour for your space. Paint colours are very personal and very important for creating an inviting atmosphere for your potential buyers. Choose simple artwork and accessories instead of forcing an accent colour that may not work for the buyers.

DON’T Keep it personal. While you may want to showcase your family photos and your kids’ artwork on the fridge, along with countless magnets you’ve collected while travelling, this may not be the best decor idea when showing your home. Your prospective buyers want to picture themselves living there and it’s tough to do when other people’s family memories are everywhere.

DON’T hide your excess belongings in closets, one of the top features buyers look for is storage – they are most likely to peak into closets, cabinets and drawers. If you have clutter you need to hide, rent a storage unit while showing your home.

Homes with great staging are most likely to sell quicker than non-staged homes, not to mention at a higher price. Hiring a professional will ensure that your home is a ‘clean slate’ for the home buyers by transforming personalized spaces to an appealing blank canvas.