Dining Room Decor Tips

Dining Room Decor Tips

A dining room is often the place where some of the most intimate gatherings occur. It’s an ideal place to host a family dinner, an evening with friends, or enjoy a quiet meal. Whether you save the room for special occasions, or use it daily, how you decorate it should reflect that.

Here are some tips for your dining room makeover.

Table Size

First up is the table. Size and shape matters. A dining table needs to have a minimum amount of space around to allow for easy navigation. 48 “ from the edge of the table to the wall or a piece of furniture no matter what the shape of the table. If you have an area rug at least 30” from the edge of the table to the edge of the rug.

Personally, I highly recommend an area rug as it helps to warm the space up. If you are concerned about little ones and spillage, purchase an indoor/outdoor rug. That bowl of spilt spaghetti can be hosed right off outside! 

Table shape

You can have fun with shapes and styles when choosing a dining room table, afterall, it’s all about the style you’re after. Consider that there are rectangular, oval and round tables. Round and oval shaped tables are better for little ones and gives an updated look to a traditional design. A large round table is much more unexpected than a rectangular one.

Here are the visuals of each:

Rectangular with pedestal base. Without the legs in the corners it is less obstruction. 


Round tables are super ease to navigate around.


Next up is the lighting. A dining room should be bright and cheery. Gone are the days of dark and dreary dining. Pot lights are an excellent way to add extra lighting in the room.

Another way to add a wow factor to your dining room is to introduce a chandelier for a beautiful focal point. You can get really creative with a chandelier, the only rule is that you absolutely love it! When you hang the chandelier make sure it is 30” – 36” from the table to the bottom of the light for 8 foot ceilings. Add 3” for each addition foot of ceiling height.

If you have the room (remember the 48” rule) add some storage in the form of a console with a lamp for softer lighting. 


Get Creative!

A statement wall with some amazing wallpaper is one way to keep things fresh and interesting. A dining room is a great place to play around with colour!

Go for a large piece of artwork to add some character and give the space a more refined aesthetic. Arrange the buffet and lighting around the art piece to create a focal point, and remember to have fun with it!


Now you’re all set to decorate a perfect dining room, now all that is left is to send out the invitations!