Demographics Home Staging

Demographics Home Staging

We at Home Decor Staging stage houses and condos all over the Greater Toronto Area. We often find ourselves in many diverse neighbourhoods with groups of people with particular needs and traditions. Although we do not cater staging to a particular client, we do consider the potential buyers and then tailor the staging to that group.

During a consultation with the client we have a conversation about who the potential buyer will be. Is it young families, seniors, or professionals without kids?

Depending on who that buyer is, we then walk thru the home deciding and discussing rooms and their purpose. This is all done with the homeowner or the realtor, as they know the neighbourhood the best.

For example, the younger families or singles generally do not center their living rooms around a tv. Laptops and computers are more common in the living room.  

A den may be suited for an office setup. Thus we don’t put large TVs in the living space and instead focus on interesting artwork and accessories. 

And even then the art is focused on the demographic. Modern condos downtown in a hipper building will be staged with modern art vs more traditional art.

Professional home staging can help sell your home faster by allowing the potential buyers envision their life in the new home. Connect with us for a consultation or sign up for our Home Staging and Decor Newsletter below!