Should You Hire a Decorator or Home Stager?

Should You Hire a Decorator or Home Stager?

Ever spend a weekend morning and you’re glued to the TV, watching endless home improvement and decor shows? You look around at your own home and think ‘I really need to change things up in here’ – the TV show has really inspired you with the flow of decor ideas about what you should do in your own home. You can’t choose, you want it all – you know you need professional help — but how do you know if you need a home stager or a decorator?

First, you have to think about why you’re redecorating your home.

If you’re selling, home staging is the option for you – a professional who can help get your house ready for the sale.

Staging is a marketing tool to sell the house  – usually a lot quicker and for a bigger buck. Professional staging sells the house quicker because it de-personalizes the space where the prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there. Because of the competitive nature of the housing market, staging the home for the general public won’t cut it – having the house truly stand out of the crowd means staging it to appeal to the target buyer.


Before going into the home to stage, I do some research about what type of people that live in the neighbourhood and whether or not this is a family home or if it’s more suited for a single professional. Because the owners know they don’t have to live with my choices, it gives me great creative freedom to design a space that will appeal to the target buyer and leave the buyers inspired about the potential of the house.

If you’re living in a house you bought recently or owned for a long time, and you are ready for a change – you need a decorator.

Most home stagers are hired as decorators because both services are concerned with making the space look its best. Decorating is an entirely different process, where the decor choices are a lot more personalized to the home owner’s style and their vision for the house. Decorating adds personality to the home with a focus to the family or owners needs, not the general public.


Benjamin Moore Colour Inspiration

 I always ask my clients how long they see themselves living in the house – this helps determine the scope of work that should be done in the space. If the clients know this is their ‘forever home’ – we can take some risks with design principles – adding a feature wall for a pop of colour or building a built-in storage unit where the family needs it most.

If you’re re-decorating your home with the intention of selling in the near future, you have to keep in mind design trends to keep the space looking current. At Home Decor Staging, we are top rated Home Staging and Decor company where we pride ourselves on excellent design that suits your needs. Whether it’s home staging or re-decorating your home, we are professionals who are ready to make your vision come true!
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