Accent Walls

Accent Walls

Accents walls are a great way to create a focal point, especially since most homes today have an open concept design. A beautiful accent wall can create a dramatic effect, add texture and dimension and make a room feel larger. 

There are a few considerations you need to make when choosing an accent wall, from location, to texture and colour, here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Do choose the accent wall carefully. Choose a wall that is void of any architectural detail but where you do want the eye to go to. For instance, if you have a floor to ceiling fireplace, you can create a focal wall around it. Add wooden shiplap painted all one colour as the fireplace, add a contrasting mantle, art work and you have a statement accent wall!

Do choose a colour that will be repeated elsewhere in the room. Don’t be afraid of going dark for a dramatic effect. But ensure that the colour is happy to be beside the more neutral colours walls in the room. 

Do consider using wallpaper for an accent wall which adds texture and interests to the space. This would work in any room, office, bathroom or even in the bedroom behind the bed. If you’re not living in your forever home, there are plenty of options for removable wallpaper on the market!

Don’t limit yourself. An accent wall is where you get to be creative and have a little bit of fun! Consider adding textures like wood paneling, brick, shelving or even a gallery wall with your favourite pictures!

Don’t use dark colours such as navy, black, plum if you’re considering selling your home in the future. Even though dark colours like these are considered neutral, you want to ensure your paint choices don’t deter potential buyers!

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